One to One Support

One-to-one support is a type of talking therapy that allows you to share your thoughts and feelings, or to discuss any particular difficulties you may be facing. 


It gives you the opportunity to speak to a specially trained volunteer, who can provide non-judgemental and empathetic listening. 

The aim of this type of support is not to provide counselling or psychotherapy, but it is to provide a safe space to discuss any issues which may be causing distress.

Talking about your worries out loud in a  supportive, and empathetic environment can help alleviate feelings of anxiety or distress to help you feel better able to cope. 

An individual may wish to access this support in a one-off situation, or on a more regular basis depending on their needs.

Helplines, Text and Web chat support

One-to-one support can be provided by telephone, email or text  to provide a safe, confidential way to speak to someone sexual violence or abuse, or to find out more information about the services available to survivors and their families. 

Helplines currently run by The Survivors Trust London include: 

Mosac National Helpline: 

0800 980 1958  

  • Provides a safe space, listening ear and valuable support for non-abusing parents, carers and professionals.

Watford Rape Crisis Helpline: 

01923 249 511 

  • Primarily for women who have been sexually abused, but they do also take calls from male survivors.


Survivors UK run a National Web Chat Text:

020 3322 1860     


07491 816 064         

 This service is for male and non-binary survivors of sexual violence aged 13+

One in Four telephone support: 0800 121 7114 –  support with a trauma-informed counsellor for up to 30 minutes a session. 

One to One, Rape and Sexual Abuse, Survivors Trust London 1

The Survivors Trust national helpline: 0808 801 0818

We welcome and encourage all survivors of rape or sexual abuse or violence, of any age, gender or background to call our helpline which is open 7 days a week.

We also welcome calls from family, friends and professionals who work with survivors.

Email support and information is frequently available from The Survivors Trust London. 

Which members offer this service:

  • Haven Network
  • Survivors UK
  • Mosac
  • One in Four
  • Watford Rape Crisis
  • Respond