Case Study from Mosac Helpline Manager::

Often sharing the experience of other survivors, can help us all to understand some of the challenges faced by those suffering Rape and Sexual abuse.

Warning: Readers may find the following content distressing!


Here is such a story from a Mosac Helpline Manager


A non-abusing Mum who received support from our Helpline in 2018-19 has written the following testimonial for us which outlines her son’s case:

“I would like to thank you for the support I received from an understanding voice on the other end of your helpline to the legal support provided.

My son told me of his abuse at age 4.

His abuser was not prosecuted as there was not enough evidence to take it to CPS.

The whole procedure at the time had many flaws which in hindsight I wish I had controlled more. 3 years on his abuser started private law proceedings.

A fact finding hearing took place where it was said my son was ‘confused’ and his father had only touched his inner-thigh.

The Judge decided that my son had formulated a story and gained adult attention, based on probability the abuse never happened in the eyes of the court. The ‘only’ option was CCI (Cafcass contact intervention).

There were only 2 ‘prep-sessions’ of 1 hour each for my son before he was due to attend supervised contact.

Speaking to MOSAC helped me understand how I was able to show cooperation and even support the contact to the court but show belief to my son.

My son, aged 7, showed his strength of character and was able to articulate to the supervisor what he remembered.

His strength enabled him to clearly tell the supervisor he did not want to see his father as he knew what happened was wrong.

Although the judge continued to believe her decision was correct she did take into consideration the wishes and feelings of my son.

We were granted a prohibited steps order and in-direct contact 4 times a year by email.

My address remains confidential. In such a difficult situation this is the best we could’ve hoped for.

Without your charity giving me advice on how to handle the situation I would not have been able to stay strong and fight.

He is not ashamed, there is no elephant in the room.

If he wants to talk about it we do so freely and openly and I use the advice given to help explain.

I am hopeful that closure has been given to my son, that the heartbreak and distress caused by the law proceedings will heal and that I am strong enough to help him through my guilt.

So much of his childhood has been taken but I feel he is able to move on and finally enjoy being a child.

For any parent dealing with this unrepresented and feeling under the spotlight, I would recommend contacting yourselves even if it’s just to let off steam.

Words cannot express how grateful I am to your charity.”