What People Say About Our Servcies...

What People Say about Survivors Trust London Agency Services:

Below you will find testimonies from Women Survivors who have participated in the ‘Into The Light’ Women Survivors, Ten Session Psycho-Educational Group Course…

“Accessing support is tremendously hard. Into The Light was the only organization I could access to meet other women like me…the appreciation I have for the facilitators is next to none…a safe place a virtual home.

The positive benefits of Into The Light cannot be understated…it literally is a life saver - it’s a base where one has a voice - and are listened to and we listen to each other.

Into The Light is needed and it should be in every borough – and beyond. Being part of group counselling has brought so many benefits I had not even thought about before.

I have learnt so much from the other Survivors on the course as well as the amazing Facilitators.

I feel stronger as a result of meeting others and talking about our experiences. I found the course extremely helpful in creating a supportive non-judgemental atmosphere and being led through the specific steps of the course.

The Facilitators are obviously incredibly committed to providing support for the women who take part in the programme and helping to aid recovery. The Into the Light course has given me tools for life on self-awareness which I use almost daily

Client testimonial for One in Four advocacy service:

"When I first made contact with One in Four enquiring about the advocacy service I was, as always, hoping to find someone who could help me and my sister.

But because of previous experience I was expecting to be disappointed.

I was at this time really desperate for help. The combination of dealing with the trauma of the abuse whilst also dealing with the police investigation had brought me to absolute breaking point.

I feel upset just thinking about how bad I felt even now. Anyway, to find myself at last talking to a calm, intelligent, experienced individual was amazing.

A (advocate) is the only other professional apart from my therapist who has responded to me and my sister and our situation appropriately.

If I hadn't asked A to get involved and mediate on my behalf with the police I think I may have suffered a complete breakdown and I certainly would not have been able to continue with the investigation"